Using Sequence Generator Pro and Friends


Using Sequence Generator Pro and Friends

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This guide is specifically aimed at those who are using—or want to use—Sequence Generator Pro. SGP is a “session management” software package that controls the telescope, mount, camera, and ancillary equipment to target and secure images during a night of imaging astronomical objects.
The book begins with a special tutorial to get up and running with SGP. With a comprehensive reference section, it takes the user in detail through the various aspects of user and equipment profiles, equipment definitions, the sequencer, and other essential elements of SGP. Finally, it focuses on how to get the most out of the ancillary programs—target databases, autoguiders, plate solvers, planetarium software, and other applications.
Oftentimes, technical guides can end up being far denser than the processes they intend to explain. Many of the insights provided by SGP expert Alex McConahay are beyond what can be found in the official program documentation. In this book, the reader will find in-depth, yet straightforward practical advice on how to automate nightly astroimaging sessions with Sequence Generator Pro.

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